Closet Makeover & Tips


If you follow me on instagram (@OfficialKTR) you may have seen bits and pieces of my closet here, here, here and here, which I consider the “good side.” The other side however was usually a hot mess. :/


Even though Carrie Bradshaw was a fictional character, she made a good point when she said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” For me, it’s really a good feeling to be able to see everything in your closet at one glance because I feel really organized and thus can be a lot more productive when my space is clean and tidy.

A typical closet in an apartment or condo (and some homes) is usually a small 2 ft (deep) x 5 ft (wide) and usually comes with those annoying sliding doors. Not only do they usually get jammed, makes lots of noise and blocks half of my closet where what I can’t see tends to get messy or forgotten.


6 Cube Organizer | 3 Cube Organizer | Black Fabric Drawers (also comes in many other colors) | Black Hangers

I debated over how I can give my closet a quick makeover without costing me a fortune and taking too much of my time to put together… My quick solution was a few cube organizers, matching hangers, black fabric drawers to replace those plastics drawers and of course removing those annoying doors so I can see everything! If you live in an apt, be sure to check with your landlord first :).

Everything was under $150, took me under 30 minutes to assembled, and I’m super happy with the results!



Below are a few photos of the rest of my space which I use as a closet and a work station. Stay tune next time for tips on how I (with the help of my husband :) DIY this space with a spare room!


xo – KTR

The “Husband Jeans” + DIY Tutorial


If you love having the option of choosing your own color, design and like to save some cash, DIY’ing is a good option… It’s super easy to do in a few simple steps and you’ll only need 4 things to create this look (no sandpapers or tedious tweezing needed, just cut, throw ’em in the washer and finish off in the dryer!).







husbandjeans13[Photos by NR]

Top: American Apparel crop top | Bottoms: DIY distressed Vintage denims (contact me if you’d like to purchase a custom pair) | Shoes: Aldo silver cap toe pumps | Fedora: H&M | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff studded bag | Accessories: Knuckle wire rings thanks to The Hatters, onyx 14k gold ring (similar for less here), Alexis Bittar ‘Miss Havisham New Wave’ Cuff, Cara leather wrap bracelet, 

* * *

Growing up, I watch my mom struggled to take care of my 3 brothers and myself as a single mom who moved to the US without knowing a lick of English other than “hi” and “thank you,” but she managed to raised us well and do everything herself. Perhaps I got this quality from her, seeing life as a do-it-yourself project…..or maybe I just hate spending $150+ on a pair of jeans that’s destroyed.

I love the BF because they seem so comfortable but it was always difficult finding a pair to fit my body. Usually they are way too tight to be boyfriend jeans or way too baggy. Then I realized those mom jeans that I turned into distressed high waisted shorts last year would make the perfect Boyfriend jeans (pre-cut). Since these were originally high waisted mom jeans with a little diy twist, I’d like to call these “The Husband Jeans.”


Head to your local thrift store and look for a pair of “mom jeans.” Mom jeans are usually high waisted and have a really long zipper. Don’t worry if the overall fit is not perfect. As long as it fits your waist and hips, it’ll work! Also, don’t forget to check the men’s section as sometimes you’ll find these pants in the smaller men sizes there.

The Beauty of Kow


When I first saw the fabric of this skirt, I was immediately drawn to the velvety soft black splatter spots on the whitest of whites polyester and decided to give in and turned it into another one of my obsessions: those puffy pleated skirts. But I had conflicting feelings on whether the prints were splattered ink or well, cow spots, so I took it to my friends via Instagram for help. I must admit, the names Moo-Cow, Moo-Moo, Cow-wow Pow and Got Milk were pretty hilarious and quite catchy. As though I need to trade in my high heels for cowboy boots and stand next to a haystack….Inkblots and black clouds were also some my favorites but someone mentioned Kow and I love the “K,” so Kow Skirt is it! Thank you for helping me guys! :)



inkblots6[Photos by NR]

Top: DVF | Skirt: KTRcollection ink blots skirt | Shoes: Classiques Entier pumps | Glasses: Dior cat eye

* * *

Now for the exciting announcement! The winner of my One Year Anniversary Skirt Giveaway is: Clarissa J. I’ll send you an email to get all deets soon. Congrats!!!

Thanks so much everyone for participating in my giveaway. I love having the opportunity to interact with you, read your comments/feedback and knowing that you like what I’ve created so far. I hope to have more of these giveaways in the future and include the new things I’m working on. Have a safe and wonderful Friday and weekend coming up! New Year’s Eve is just right around the corner. I’m a spoiled California weather kinda gal bracing the NYC cold right now. Hopefully I’ll make it through new year without losing my toes or ears. Happy weekend! :)

xo, KTR