Happiness: Trials, Tribulations & Self Reflections. Are You Happy?

…Because I’m happy…well not always, but the tune from Pharrell’s catchy melody “Because I’m Happy” is like a nationwide anthem for us to remind ourselves that no matter what’s going on, we’re going to be happy.

Like everyone else, I have days where I’m moody, easily agitated, and sometimes unhappy. Sometime last year, I went through a stage in life where I felt unsure about what I wanted to do and where I am at in life. Then suddenly I just felt overwhelmed with all these emotions and anxieties. These anxieties lead to stress, which lead to insomnia, followed by weight loss, then it all came rushing down to feeling the blues. Suddenly those every other day trips to Molly Stone to pick up my favorite chocolate chip muffins were no longer a desire and I can hardly keep up with the things I once loved. At first I thought it was just my “monthly friend” screwing with my emotions but these feelings lasted for a few months. Could it have been one of those quarter-life crisis that I have been hearing about?

Eventually I managed to pulled myself out of the little black hole before it buried me alive. I know, crazy huh? So, what did I do?








Trials and tribulations – not getting what we want when we want it and letting go on terms we can’t control. Disappointments, rejections and loss are the universe’s way of helping us grow and allowing us to learn from the past, appreciate the present and prepare us for our future. The quicker we realize that, the sooner we can move on.


This is the time to collect our thoughts, clean our house and remove clutter from our space! Who and how we spend our time can influence our mood, career, finances, and relationships.


Invest in people who loves you and truly care about you. Surround yourself with close family members, good friends and those who will help you celebrate life’s successes and support you in difficult times. And most importantly, don’t forget to spend time with yourself…which takes me to the next.


Whether it’s shopping, painting, cooking, hiking, shopping, dancing, shopping again, reading, going to dinner, movies, helping your community with charity work, or shopping online :). DO WHAT YOU LOVE. It’ll keep you busy, free your mind from unwanted thoughts and who knows, you may meet interesting new friends along the way.


Look, if a pair of shoes or that pretty sparkly new dress makes you happy, then by all means, buy it. But don’t let it sit in your closet and collect dust! Studies suggested that if you look good you will feel good! So get dressed up, grab a couple good friends and enjoy an evening out of the house!


You’ve probably heard the term, “misery loves company,” well it’s true. We all know a person (or two) who is not very happy with their life and they love for any opportunity to get us to join their crew. During this time of vulnerability, it’s probably best to distance yourself from people who are negative, pessimistic, and who may give you bad advice or pressure you in doing something you may regret later.


Nothing is promised. What we have today may be gone tomorrow. So don’t postpone what makes you happy by waiting for a day when your life is less busy. That day may never come. Don’t dwell on the past, but similarly, don’t dream about an idealized future that doesn’t exist. Instead, look for opportunities to savor the small pleasures of everyday life.


Happiness doesn’t just land on our front door one day, it is a choice we make everyday. For example, learn a new skill, take up cooking classes or reprogram our values and beliefs. Choose to be in environments and around people that makes us  happy. We can’t be happy unless we choose to make happiness among our top goals in life.


…You deserve all that you want in this world!! Seriously, you do. Sometimes you’ll get it through your own mastery and hard work, other times you’ll get it when you least expect it. The journey is never a detour; it’s just a way to build up your momentum and strength for the road that lies ahead…So brace yourself when the road gets bumpy, strap on a helmet, and keep moving forward.

And so, I write this (so randomly at 2AM) to say that when times are tough on your heart + head, believe & trust that whatever darkness and disappointments you are going through, you will survive….Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.

* * *

P.S. I haven’t really written anything on my blog in a while because I have been so busy with work but tonight, despite the crazy hour, I choose to do what used to make me really happy. Write! :) I hope you enjoyed this!

If you have any tricks of your own on how to maintain your sanity, please share! :)

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xo, K


-Photos by NR-

Bodycon, Caffeine & Jugglin’ Life’s Priorities




bodycon4{Photos by NR}

Dress: H&M bodycon dress (love this here | similar here, here and here) | Jacket: BCBGMAXAZARIA leather vest jacket | Shoes: Vince Camuto booties | Hat: F21 | Glasses: Chanel

* * *

Whoever said, “do what you love and you’ll never work in a day in your life” is a damn liar!

While editing these photos I started to realized how much caffeine dependent I have became in the last 6 months (no it’s really not a prop lol). I used to never drink coffee but now if I don’t have a cup, I cannot seem to function.

In the last couple of years I have been keeping myself busy trying to maintain my career (my 9-5), my passion for creating clothes, managing every aspect of my small biz (which entails biz dev, pr, design, sew, accountant, finance, shipping & receiving, customer service, IT, you name it) and keeping up with my blog. By the end of the day I feel lucky to be able to do what I love (KTRcollection) and have a (day) job at an amazing company working with amazing people……. But some days I just feel pooped and wonder where my destination is going to be.

Then I remembered what we were taught growing up.

It’s not about arriving, it’s not about how quickly one can get there. It’s about what you take away from your experiences on the way there. It’s about the journey, the lessons learned, the people you meet along the way, and the ones who hung in there with you all the way. Growth and learning has no limit. Remembering these points really helped me stay on track and keep on going.

Well it’s 4am, I guess I better get some sleep now and put in a request at work for a clone tomorrow. :) Good night & sweet dreams!

Thigh High







My new favorite Aries ring thanks to the Glitter Vault! Check them out for more fab accessories!

otk6{Photos by NR}

Top: F21 Ombre sweater (similar here and here) | Bottoms: Theory pleated leather skirt | Shoes: Sam Edelman OTK suede boots | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  | Necklace: Aqua | Ring: * The Glitter Vault Aries zodiac ring | Hat: H&M | Glasses *zeroUV via StyleSays

* * *

When it comes to thigh high boots, I’ve always had trouble finding a pair with the perfect fit. So every year when fall rolls around, I’d find myself searching for that perfect over-the-knees boots….but search no more because I think I found my sole mate! Perfect heel height, perfect comfort level with hidden platform, perfect soft suede, perfect little laced up in the back so I can loosen or tighten for the perfect thigh high fit!

Funny short story: When I was trying these boots on, I casually mentioned to the sales associate that I’ve always had problems finding the right OTK boots because I have thick legs and thighs. She immediately disagreed (eyes-wided, lips-frowned and all) and told me I do not have big legs and I shouldn’t worry…as though it was a bad thing…I wasn’t fishing for a compliment and I think she was nice, but it makes me sad to see that even nice people can get influenced to believe that being healthy and having meat on their bones is considered a bad thing…It gets worst. She then told me that having skinny legs will look better in high heels, skirts and boots. I can’t help but laugh and I tried not to be offended because she was really, really older and I guess she just had an ancient way of thinking.

Luckily I’m kind of stuck in my own ways of thinking and told her actually thick legs are pretty damn sexy in heels, skirts and boots. :) How many young women who may already be suffering from body issues are put in situations like these each day to not like their bodies just because someone thinks their body parts are not the perfect fit for a certain style or trend? This brought me back to my post about Body Image and the Mean Girls...I have more to say, but I’ll leave it here for now since it’s 4AM and I’m feeling sorta loopy. xo

Have you ever had a shopping experience where someone either intentionally or unintentionally made awkward comments about weights and sizes? I love to hear your stories!